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Our Mission

 The mission of the Adakum Educational Foundation is to provide educational and healthcare opportunities for poor and disadvantaged children and their parents; to help alleviate hunger, and to work to reduce illiteracy, poverty, and poor health conditions in Ghana. We do this by creating and supporting programs dedicated to improving the education and health of poor and disadvantaged children and their families.

Within this broad mission, the Foundation supports, funds and advocates for these educational and health initiatives:

Schools and Institutions: The Foundation seeks to support and fund academic programs at deserving schools and institutions in poor communities, towns and villages in Ghana.  Such support includes building Libraries, Computer Labs, Language Labs, and Science Labs; sponsoring teacher training and workshops/clinics.

Social Net Work: The Foundation seeks to support and fund after school programs, clubs, cultural affairs, mentoring and empowerment of girls; “safe haven” programs for abused girls; and conflict resolution training.

Feeding Program: The Foundation seeks to support and fund free school meals and snacks programs to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in children.

School Clinics: The Foundation seeks to supports and fund School Clinics to provide free basic preventive health care in the school complex for the children and their parents. Such clinics will become centers for health education on such things as drugs, smoking, alcohol abuse and HIV/AIDS.

Malaria Campaign: The Foundation seeks to participate in the campaign to eradicate Malaria from our schools and the communities. The foundation seeks to obtain treated mosquito nets to install in the homes of the school children for their use.

Community Engagement: The Foundation seeks to support and fund monthly community environmental clean-up projects to eliminate the breeding grounds of the Malaria carrying mosquitoes.

Adult Literacy Programs: The Foundation seeks to support and fund adult literacy programs in the written and spoken English language

Poverty and Training Programs: The Foundation seeks to support and fund skill training programs in computers, sewing, cooking, farming and others.

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